iPad game for 4 to 7yo kids. They can learn numbers to 10 as values, how they sound, and can learn additions, differences and number orders.




iPad game for another schemed environment for kids from 6 to 9yo. The child is playing with numbers to 20. She or he is doing additions and differences with positive and negative numbers. Unique concept helps to understand basics of programming.

Coming soon.



iPad game for kids from 7 to 10yo. Another schemed environment is prepared for kids to learn positive and negative numbers, making additions and differences to number 20.

Coming soon.


The first game of ecosystem

Dora is counting to 10 is the first game from educational ecosystem for learning mathematics.

When child wants to discover math principles diligent mouse Dora helps him to know numbers from 1 to 10 through experience.

He can learn additions, differences and number orders.

The game is inspired by Hejny method of learning math officialy used in over 700 Czech schools. The method has raised interest in Italy, Finland, Sweden, Greece, Poland and Canada.

Every child is learning coherences, not raw data.




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Bedots education

It is the ecosystem of educational apps for preschoolers and kids from 6 to 10 years old.

We are preparing many games built on principles of freedom education and innovative methods of education.

For playfulness and natural education with maximum effort to joy from exploring principles based on inherent motivation.

Just because child wants.

This ecosystem will be affordable and available for every child. 




"I learn when I want, what I want and on the basis of who I am.

With education we have freedom, so let do freedom education."


— Bedots Education

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Ecosystem in real life




Give children freedom to choose what they want to learn

If you let children to choose what they want to learn, free, without adult control, they can learn everything during less time. This story is about me and my decision to change how children are educated with technology. What are schools now offering to our children? Education as a service is now on very bad […]

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First educational game inspired by Hejny’s method

When we’ve decided that we’re going to do educational apps for the youngest ones, we knew it has to be totally different. Our goal with education is to exempt kids from the gritty system and give them more freedom so they can choose the direction they want to go and teachers will be wind in […]

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