The first game of ecosystem

Dora is counting to 10 is the first educational ecosystem game to help children learn mathematics.

Once the child wants to discover math principles our diligent mouse Dora will help him/her to learn numbers from 1 to 10 through experience.

He/she can practise addition, subtraction and the sequence of numbers.

The child understands the context – no need to memorize formulas.




The second game of ecosystem

Dora in a secret hole is the second educational ecosystem game to help children learn mathematics.

Children will understand negative numbers up to 20. Teaches the basics of programming, addition  & subtraction, simple control by moving the right symbol to the right place.





Why is Dora different?

The game is inspired by Hejny method of teaching mathematics.

The teaching method is used in Canada, Finland, Sweden, Poland or Italy.

This method has been approved by the Czech Ministry of Education and over 700 from the total of 3900 schools in the Czech Republic have already adopted this way of teaching mathermatics and child development.


The child gains the knowledge based on his own efforts. He/she will become self-reliant in problem solving. By playing and enjoying the game with Dora the children build a positive relation towards mathematics and education in general.


There are no achievements to be collected and no lives can be lost when a mistake is made. The children do not feel the subconsious fear of making mistakes, instead he/she sees it as an opportunity for a new discovery. The game encourages creativity and courage.


This game is based on the intrinsic motivation to explore. Children are not forced to collect any points or rewards, there are no achievements. The biggest reward is the new knowledge gained and children's joy comes from their own success. The joy of exploring and learning is the only long term motivation.


Dora accompanies the children in four different environments: spring, summer, autumn and winter. While going through various tasks in various environments they create their own widespread schemes connected to exact numbers. The numbers are learned by experience – no memorizing is required. The child understands the assosiations that are used in real life.

Bedots education

Bedost education is an ecosystem of educational apps and games for preschoolers and children up to the age of 10.

We are preparing more games that are based on the experimental learning and innovative methods of education.

To make the learning experince playful and natural. To encourage children to explore driven by their intrinsic motivation.

Just because the child wants.

The ecosystem will be affordable and available for every child.



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