Bedots Ecosystem vision

Bedots has created an ecosystem that is independent on the place, time, has minimum limitations and kids are the main focus. They choose what , when and where will be going on. The main idea of our ecosystem is that kids don’t need adults to tell them what exactly they have to do. Adults become only facilitators of knowledge, tutors, providers of security, love and other needs that kids can not furnish themselves (traveling, washing clothes etc..)


We are trying to inspiringly supplement school education system, which is forming kids into the single image according to the rules, forms and laws. Thus forming similarly set and proprietary individuals. So we have created individual education system that replaces school as a place where problems are being created for a problem solving place. Problems that kids bring to the school from their playful education.


Change of education

We think it is easier to join the worldwide education that takes advantage of the technological advance. We are not afraid to say that it is easier to ensure the vast majority of children on this planet with a tablet full of educational content than to build new schools full of textbooks, new infrastructure and complete change of the educational system. There is a big surplus of the technology in today’s market, internet is spreading with the speed of light and multiple global organizations are supporting implementation of the tablets into the tuition in schools.

Educational games

Certain areas of the specific subjects are covered by individual apps. These apps are designed in a specific way. Kids can familiarize with the topic by themselves – they discover the principles. There are levels in each subject that build upon each other and kids are passing these levels gradually based on the successful completion of the previous level. The main goal of these games is figuring out if kids are interested in this area at the moment. If so, they have the perfect tool to explore this area anytime and anywhere.

“How should one be free when we are all already shaping as babies?” – A. S. Neil

We assume that children are born with different mood of intelligence and that’s why they have different interests later on. Some start to learn how to read at the age of 4, some will start to read much later than that. Kids have natural intelligence that tells them at which stage of their development they start to evolve that exact kind of intelligence and that’s why they know exactly that now is the time to start learning how to read.

Whole ecosystem is based on the free choice of education, which is based on the natural desire to discover. Our mission is to improve our society and what makes the most sense to us, is to make it through education.

“I learn when I want, what I want and on the basis of who I am.” – Bedots Education

Join us 

Anybody can be part of Bedots Education. Teachers, developers, fans, parents, grandmothers, grandfathers. Anybody.

For kindergartens and schools

If you like Dora and woulld like to bring her into your school, let us know. Our goal is to spread Dora to education. We are happy to cooperate with educational institutions of all levels.

For fans and early adopters

Are you passionate about the usage of new technologies in combination with learning processes? Are you interested in the methods and principle of experimental education? Do you like our idea? Do not hesitate to contact us. Tell us a little bit about yourself, about your activities or your projects. There are many opportunities for cooperation.


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