Give children freedom to choose what they want to learn

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If you let children to choose what they want to learn, free, without adult control, they can learn everything during less time.

This story is about me and my decision to change how children are educated with technology.

What are schools now offering to our children?

Education as a service is now on very bad level in Slovakia. And if I am talking about bad, I mean really bad: a little money for teachers. Sometimes I wonder how can we produce such good products in other.

I used to teach in year 2013 students from 15 to 19 years old. During 2 months as employee of the school I wanted to change educating programming. I have wanted to teach Python, not Pascal, what is language taught on a lot of schools. No, I cannot. One and main reason is, that on the schools are bad teachers now ready to change how they teach and how they communicate with kids. They are old and without any connection to real needs of real world.

As a new teacher in the beginning of carrier I have sallary about 400€ a month. Can you pay every expense of standard family with this amount of money? Hell, no. So I decided to leave. But I love to be a teacher, I am studied teacher with 5 years university education in mathematics and informatics. But I can’t do as well as I want to. Yes, because of money.

So how can teacher with this sallary do his best if he has no chance. And I know a lot of people, studied teachers, who don’t teach because of money. And they are pretty successfully in jobs they do. In schools, there are often very bad teachers.

But something is changing here in Slovakia, very slowly, but changing. In Finland, they believe that kids have to play instead of learn in some institution in the same time as other 20 pupils. The whole country believe, that “children learn best through play.”

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